Sunday, 11 April 2010

Birthday Walk

Friday, 2 April 2010

The River Adur to Bramber
The first day of April and today I had the eldest daughter walking with me. Hannah, home from Canterbury had been lured out into the countryside by the promise of a hearty pub lunch.
We started half way up the Adur valley opposite the isolated church of St Botolph. Hannah sniffed the air and looked around suspiciously; 'Just how long is this going to take?' she enquired.
Heading north by the side of the Adur we headed purposefully towards Bramber. As we walked I told Hannah that in the past the river had not been contained within the man made levees on which we walked, but that once the whole valley had been a wide estuary with shipping bringing trade to Bramber. My favorite story is of the medieval anchor that was found in a small 'inlet'. Now it is downland pasture grazed by sheep and is on the map as 'Anchor Bottom'.
We also passed Court Farm, a lovely collection of farm building now converted for business use. The timber framed and tile hung farmhouse was undergoing building work today, but I have always been intrigued by the small inlet and timber jetty associated with these buildings. I would like to find out more.
The tide was racing in under Bramber bridge. The modern walkway is a practical but unsightly addition.
Primroses were abundant although the north westerly wind provided a sharp chill to the sunny spring day. Summer days were heralded by the first swallow of the year.
And finally, just to prove that the we reached our destination, here is Hannah tucking in to fish pie at the Kings Head in Bramber. This picture demonstrates 2 things; firstly that Hannah shows a strong commitment to her food at all times, and secondly, that the Queen is quite right in not allowing photography whilst she is eating.